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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Japanese Radiation Cleanup with Agnihotra PART 1

It has been over a year now since the shutdown of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant on March 11, 2011. Once all the data is in, it may be more destructive than the nuclear radiation released at Chernobyl in 1986. This is a disaster that just keeps on giving and giving.........unwanted pollution.

The Tokyo Electric Plant Company(TEPCO) maintained the Fukushima nuclear complex which was originally designed by General Electric. There are six separate boiling water reactors. The initial explanation was the Tohoku earthquake followed by a tsunami, as this interfered with the power grid shutting down the electronic systems while disturbing the coolant release, resulting in the overheating of the reactors. Following the loss of coolant, plant reactors 1, 2 and 3 experienced total meltdowns Due to fears of radioactive fallout, roadblocks and barricades barred travelers from a zone 12.5 miles around the Fukushima Nuclear Plant (1), up to 6,500 villages were abandoned thus leaving close to 90,000 residents without shelter without any assurance if they could return to a non-radioactive home. 

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plants clearly are an ongoing ecological disaster, as of Feb.2012 the temperature inside the core of plant 2 continues to rise upward by 20 degrees without any remedy available except the use of boric acid (2). The radioactivity has spread to surrounding countries and each has reacted to the fallout according to own individualistic standards. In the United States the University of California, Berkeley has also detected elevated levels (150 times above EPA permissible level) of cesium in milk from San Francisco area .(3)

No international nuclear regulatory organization has stepped forward with a practical plan to prevent the continued radioactive contamination of the Japanese people or for that matter, the worldwide environment. The Japanese government under the watch of their Environmental Ministry and Japans’ Atomic Energy Commission will determine which corporations are chosen to participate in the clean-up projects. There are no experts in the field of decontamination, yet three large corporations are receiving the first payouts of $13 billion in contracts for the initial cleanup of an 18,000 square mile area. According to a New York Times article, it is some of the same large corporations that helped to build 45 of Japan’s 54 nuclear plants. $93 million has been awarded for 12 pilot decontamination projects to a consortium led by Taisei Corporation, along with Obayashi and Kaijima Corp.(4)
   Why are the same corporations that have had a hand in the construction and lucrative field of nuclear power are now going to receive the majority of the cleanup funds? This is the same mindset as the banking bailout in America that rewarded the perpetrators of the failure with taxpayer money. So what are alternative solutions to this release of radioactive particles into the earth’s atmosphere and contamination of the Pacific Ocean?
Some writers have suggested that the Japanese should relocate into upper Russia. In the meantime (TEPCO) could end up declaring bankruptcy as their outstanding liabilities may be more than $ 100 billion.(5) When it comes down to the final answer, official voices are silent. It has always been about short term planning lead by the profit motive, so don’t expect it to get any better. It is good news that there are reasonable solutions which can be relatively inexpensive which limit the continued damage. The bad news is there will always be a lot of resistance to new ideas. Presented are list practices, Eco-technologies and inventive ideas that have not yet been fully utilized or studied on a large scale.
   These possible remedies are all based on esoteric energy theories unacknowledged by modern science, yet as in the case of Agnihotra, there is historic precedence in India dating back thousands of years to the Vedic period.  The physics of nuclear remediation should be understood on an energetic level, one which takes into account the spiral nature of the ethers within the philosophical perspective of subtle energies mentioned in all the ancient religious belief systems. In general alternative energy research is based on the premise that the universe floats in a sea cosmic Prana or Chi and in modern terms zero-point energy. This is the very same philosophical foundation that underlies the Alchemical paradigm. The four elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air are created from the ethers, which form the physical foundation of the world.

  This ether theory is identical to the thinking of numerous alternative energy researchers, such as Viktor Schauberger, Nicholas Tesla, Walter Russell, and Pier Luigi Ighina. I have read and studied their writings on subtle energy for over thirty years; and, I present these findings with the hope that others will at least take their information seriously.

Agnihotra is the foremost remedy for neutralizing atmospheric fallout. It is an ancient Vedic science of healing and purification of the atmosphere by a ceremonial fire-- a Vedic (Yanja) Ritual or sacrifice that was revealed to the ‘Rishis’.whose earliest written records were from the Rig-Veda (circa  1400.B.C. (6) The Indian Vedic culture had expanded throughout the world thousands of years ago. Agnihotra’s true significance had been forgotten and neglected due to wars and ecological disasters which split India into separate warring tribes thus losing the important ecological reason behind the Yanja practices.(7)
Agnihotra involves creating a small fire in a copper pyramid of specific size and shape, at exactly sunrise and sunset each day, thus tuning into the energies of the Sun. A simple Sanskrit mantra is repeated, at exactly sunrise and sunset each day, which helps the uplifting vibrations. The materials burned are dried cow dung, ghee (clarified butter) and unpolished rice. During the fire healing energies emanates from the copper pyramid. The auric field is purified and enhanced around all people and plants within a certain distance from the fires. Other copper pyramids can be buried in the land to act resonance points which absorb and spread the energetic purification into the land and atmosphere. Agnihotra fires can benefit numerous applications--the ash can be used for folk medicines, or in agriculture as a purified nontoxic alkaline fertilizer that carries a large number of minerals. Plants, animals and humans become much more healthy and resistance to diseases within the range of Agnihotra fires . The fires help the mind to overcome depression and addictions (8). There are many individual stories of the important healing qualities of the alkaline ash when used topically or in addition with herbs .(9) The central point is through healing the atmosphere, the ecological environment and the people in the surrounding areas are also healed. 

Vasant V. Paranjpe has been a tireless yogi and activist in spreading this knowledge. In the book “Homa Therapy, Our Last Chance” (chp3) he says that when Agnihotra is performed harmful radiation and pollution in the atmosphere is collected by the smoke on a very subtle level, neutralizing the particles of radiation. “Agnihotra ash totally solves the radiation problem. Even more, so Agnihotra negates its effect. Agnihotra neutralizes harmful radiation and cleanses the planet." (10) The healing properties of the fires are locked into the sacred ash; it can be added to water for drinking or for gardening, or taken with herbs to increase the medicinal properties. Ghee mixed with sacred ash will create poultices to heal the skin. Monicka Koch of Germany, a pharmacist, and Agnihotra researcher have written a book on this subject called Homa Therapy, The Ancient Science of Healing.
Fire is an element of purification. Due to the geometric shape of the inverted pyramid used in Agnihotra the fire moves upward in a spiral pathway. The four equal sides of any regular pyramid direct subtle ethers to the center where a twin spiral develops and ascends upward against gravity to the apex of the pyramid. When a pyramid face is aligned north these energetic properties are increased. To paraphrase a book by Tony Busby“ The Secrets of the Bible “ he writes that if a light is projected into a glass pyramid in exact scale and proportion to the Great Pyramid, a rainbow serpent is created. The light creates a subtle energetic energy field in a vertical spiral. This relates to the quote by the Egyptian priesthood “A serpent lies coiled in the Great Pyramid.” (11)

Countless books have been written speculating on the true significance of why the Egyptians put such a great effort into constructing monumental edifices such as the Giza pyramids. It comes down to sacred geometry and its resonance with the subtle ethers. A pyramid shape, whether inverted or upright produces an energetic spiral within its interior. This spiral can be adopted for use to raise and purify water or generate vibration by resonance in a crystal at its apex.

After studying the concepts of numerous alternative energy researchers one discovers a general belief that the universe is constructed of subtle ethers that follow a curved pathway, smaller than what is generally conceived in particle physics but similar to subatomic whirlpools which are hollow in the center. Pier Lugia Ighina described these as magnetic particles that gave motion and form to all life. He invented the superior microscope that could bring such particles in view and also created weather modification devices using his knowledge.
Viktor Schauberger’s extensive writings also point to the fact the spiral pathway is the natural direction which nature utilizes to build up the elements of water, earth, and air. According to his observations when water is allowed to flow naturally it will curve, similar to rivers winding movement. The curving motion of water energizes its atomic structure by the energetic implosion of the atmospheric ethers that transforms water into a buoyant life-sustaining element.T he pathway that opposes the curve is the straight line, which creates heat, breaking the bonds of the water rendering it dead of any life. A straight line is an explosive and destructive pathway. Again heating water will purify it of microbes and toxins but at the same time, it destroys its life-sustaining properties.
Why does this simple fire have so many healing and positive effects? The vessel is shaped in the form of an inverted step pyramid, usually constructed of copper, though gold is also an expensive alternative. I believe the reason is the spiral nature of the ethers are utilized by using an inverted pyramid-- the fire spins in a natural way following the same imploding spiral nature required for purification and renewal of the atmosphere and all four elements. So it is not that heat itself is destructive, but the direction of its path makes the difference. When a fire is turned in a spiral direction upward, due to the resonance within an inverted pyramid, it follows a natural spiral pathway that will subsequently purify the atmosphere and create the proper mineral balance in the ashes left over. The vessel in which the sacred fire takes place is called Kunda which is similar to the word Kundalini.
It has been said that the healing qualities of the Agnihotra fire are locked into the ash or in other words the fires attract minerals into the ash because of the implosive motion. Therefore, we can count four energetic aspects working in Agnihotra. First, the spiritual awareness the person brings to the practice, as this world is, in reality, a physical form of consciousness. Second, the vessel shape is an inverted pyramid that produces a corresponding purifying spiral in the Agnihotra fire. Third, the timing of the fire resonates with solar energies. Fourth, the materials burnt, Ghee, unpolished rice and cow dung.
It may seem odd that cow dung is burned, but this goes back to ancient cultural practices which were more in balance with nature. The cow has evolved in a symbiotic relationship with a man over a very long period, probably thousands of years. It is an animal with one stomach with four compartments to digest its diet of grass. The use of cow dung in treating sickness was very common in India; this is one reason why in Hinduism the cow is a sacred is revered animal… There are many medicinal properties to cow dung cakes that are released into the atmosphere after burning are Phenol, Indol, Menthol, and Ammonia. Formalin is contained in cow dung, these bacteriophages destroy pathogens. In addition to antibacterial properties (12), Some Indians use dried cow dung and cow urine as a disinfectant and medicine. Dried cow dung is considered to have antibacterial properties as Italian scientist Prof, GE Bea has proven. Malaria and tuberculosis germs can be killed by fresh cow dung. (13)
Now if Japan would start to take this ancient Eco-technology seriously, it would be proven in a very short time an Agnihotra fire and ash fertilizer has tremendous positive effects on agriculture including restoration of a clean atmosphere. Experiments could easily occur in small towns first, then proceed to use the ash at all radiation sites. The first action Japan should take is setting up large areas near the reactors where Agnihotra fires would burn 24 hours a day.The ash should then be placed around and in the reactors. Agnihotra has been ignored in the western media because of the lack of communication between cultures and no-doubt skepticism of the religious and scientific communities. There are no large corporations to fund its expansion as it is basically a competitor to their bottom line in medicine and fertilizer industries. But anyone with an open mind who reads the healing testimonies and Homa farm reports from Peru and India will understand this is a viable answer and practice. When it comes down to it the people themselves must wake up and make the decision to live in a clean environment and not leave it to someone else.
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