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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Secret Symbolism of Myth

                                                                 The Serpent and Cave

   There is a giant elephant in the room, yet no one can see the obvious. The symbolism of myth and religion so engulfs our culture we have forgotten its' true meaning. One would think, a theory interpreting religious symbolism would have been discovered by now. The great scholar of Mythology, Joseph Campbell said that;“Religion is Mythology Misunderstood,”  a motto that implies the true meaning of religion is obscured by the literal perception of ancient myths, while their original spiritual intent lays hidden.

   I believe that Mythology and Religion were organically created to narrate the natural path towards higher consciousness. Unfortunately, the esoteric meaning of the symbols and motifs has been hidden from the general public. The initiates and neophytes had to become mentally and morally purified before any powerful secrets were revealed. No initiate was allowed to use such esoteric knowledge to serve their ego, as the ancient mystery schools reserved the death penalty for those who divulged the details of their secret ideology.

  Over a period of thousands of years, the whole concept of "Spiritual Enlightenment" fell into the territory of the unacceptable-ignored and forgotten. Countless adverse forces such as religious institutions, politicians and the banking industry sought to control civilization by forcing a literal interpretation of religion upon the world; by destroying the ancient libraries and applying the ill-usury power of propaganda. "Enlightenment'' is a very specific level of consciousness first delineated in eastern yogic philosophy. It is a very real state of bliss and ecstasy that has biological roots in the transformation and circulation of one's sexual energies.

Our society is slowly decaying because of a general lack of knowledge pertaining to the brains continued evolution and the proper lifestyle necessary to achieve higher consciousness. Religion has become impotent, unable to set a reasonable goal for life, a goal which every single person can achieve regardless of their monetary status. The major western religions are centered on death and reward in the afterlife, not on higher consciousness. It’s a complete misunderstanding of our biological possibilities and our shared spiritual destiny.

The underlying evolutionary meaning of mythology and religion has been lost. This is a gigantic oversight preventing humanities peace of mind and happiness, as both, religion and myth were meant to guide humanity towards a simple and moral lifestyle living close to nature so that the brain could evolve under the stress of modern culture.


  Religion and mythology share the same motifs and symbols; such as the serpent, tree, virgin birth, cave, an evil king, death and resurrection. There are common references to the sun and moon and to the numbers three (Trinity), seven (such as seven chakras) and twelve (astrological houses). Once these enigmatic symbols are connected to the effects of a Kundalini Awakening and the evolution of consciousness, the underlying content breathes like a living language, generating new insights into the proper path to expanded consciousness.

  The metaphoric triangle of the serpent, tree, and immortality signify the spiritual rebirth processes. Using these images one can see how the transformative processes unfold in literature. The serpent, the most universal of religious symbols; depicted in the greatest number of myths and religious narratives, refers to the creative and destructive power of cosmic prana, in the form of the spiral or serpent. Kundalini is depicted as a serpent that ascends the tree,( a symbol of the spine) which leads to the experience of immortality. "Kundalini" is the key concept to unlocking the secrets of mythology. It is found throughout the ancient civilization, particularly in Greek, Christian, Hindu and Egyptian texts.

Kundalini In Mythology

   In Greek mythology, Hercules' eleventh labor required him to obtain the golden apples of immortality, by slaying the hundred-headed serpent Ladon. Implying the negative elements of the personality need to be conquered before the positive benefits (immortality) can be achieved. Similarly, in the book of Genesis, the serpent offered Eve knowledge of good and evil. While Jehovah was afraid of them eating from the tree of life and becoming immortal, which would challenge his rule.

KJV 3;22 "And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever".

   When the biblical creation myth is interpreted as an allegory with regard to   Kundalini, the meaning completely changes from the traditional perspective of a literal evil serpent or devil to one implying a spiritual transformation. "Even now personifies the feminine aspect of Shakti, she offers Adam, wisdom, and immortality. The tree symbolizes the spinal column and brain, the serpent is Kundalini. The fruit represents higher consciousness and immortality. Adam and Eve discover their nakedness because this is a parable on the ancient belief that sexual activity was adverse to spirituality, yet it also implies an advancement from a limited sense of awareness into full consciousness.

                                                          Lawrence Alma Tadema

  From a nonjudgmental viewpoint, the "Garden of Eden" passage is a parable based upon the relationship of Kundalini and sex to higher consciousness. Once Kundalini is awakened there is a period of indeterminable time in which the Pranic energies ascent up the spine transforming the brain. It took twelve years of constant upgrading before Gopi Krishna became fully enlightened. This ascending Pranic energy has many names, in Indian scripture, it is called Soma or Amrita.

  Sexual activity and disobedience to God were condemned as sinful in the Judeo-Christian version of mans' fall because of a complete misunderstanding the concept of temporary chastity. Women have been blamed for the downfall of humanity, instead of being associated with the primal power of the feminine energy that creates all life. If there was an original sin it was ignorance of sexual regeneration and enlightenment. It is interesting to note how modern religion has literally demonized the feminine energy, symbolized by Satan-Serpent, considering that it is the intelligent force responsible for enlightenment. At the other end of the psychological spectrum, the secular and superficial media are addicted to a pursuit of sexual license and power. In essence, both attitudes are bound together by blind obedience to the past; now dominated by humanity's unwillingness to change.

  The “Virgin Birth” is another motif which underscores the symbolic aspects of religion. The ideal of celibacy-sublimation is a theme that runs throughout the ancient mystery religions, such as Greek, Gnostic, Hindu, Taoist doctrines. Historically, paganism accepted that many gods were born of a virgin, within a cave and protected from some evil king or god. A “Virgin” birth simply is a symbolic phrase to express the sublimation of sexual energies. Being born in a cave is an allegory on the birth of higher consciousness that takes place in the brain, where the two lobes intersect, called the "Cave of Brahman." While the adverse forces are portrayed by the "Evil King," who tries to resist or kill the "Divine Child."

  The "Evil King Motif" is a universal psychological truth based on physical matters opposition to spiritual growth and humanities reluctance to face the truth. The motif is found in the Bible when Herod attempts to prevent Christ's birth by killing all the firstborn Jewish males. Many other divine children were attacked in a similar manner. Krishna was almost killed by the evil King Kamsa. Zeus had been swallowed alive by his father Cronus but survived. Hercules had to strangle a serpent in his crib sent by Hera. Moses as a child had to hide from the Pharaoh who attempted to murder all the first-born Jewish boys. Osiris and Dionysus, Romulus and Remus, Athena and many other gods were attacked by evil kings or demonic forces as very small children.


The theme of sexual sublimation was also delineated by the castration motif. For example, Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty was born after Greek God Uranus castrated his father Cronus, whose phallus fell into the sea, birthing Aphrodite from the waters foam. Thus, the virgin birth and castration motifs are metaphors indicating sexual restraint is a practice leading spiritual birth, and Godhood.

The Great Mother, Goddess Cybele, was a personification of the serpent power who was worshiped for thousands of years in Anatolia, modern day Turkey. Attis, her son-lover took a vow of celibacy in order to become Cybele's' consort and priest, but being human, Attis was commanded by the reigning king to marry his daughter. Jealous of his future marriage and because of the broken vow of celibacy; Cybele appeared in her transcendent power at the height of the marriage. ceremony. This drove Attis mad resulting in his "unmanning" or self-castration, causing his death underneath a pine tree. But, Attis achieved a type of immortality in that Zeus wouldn't allow his body to decay. The castration motif is very similar to the 'virgin birth' by alluding the need for chastity and sexual sublimation.

The symbol of the "tree" in mythology is associated with death, immortality, and wisdom. The structural image of a tree is a mirror image to the neuronic structures of the brain and spinal column, with the tree trunk representing the spinal cord and the branches and canopies the brain. Therefore when the serpent and tree are found together the image-symbols can be traced to Kundalini and the nervous system-brain.

Attis achieved Godhood after death underneath a tree. Krishna, the Hindu avatar was killed underneath a tree and ascended to heaven. It was written in scripture that Christ was crucified on a tree, died and was resurrected while Buddha became enlightened underneath the Bodhi tree. Thus the symbol of the tree denotes the human nervous system on which the initiate suffers an intense regeneration, involving a psychological death and rebirth.

Beneath all the cryptic signs and prophetic utterances of prophets, saints, sages and artistic genius there is a universal truth, or “Prisca Theologia”, which is the foundation upon which religion and mythology originated. The secret key to unlocking the mysteries of spiritual evolution rests on the existence of subtle energy or Prana, the highly intelligent conscious force that pervades all existence. In the personal realm, Kundalini follows the movement of Prana in a distinct spiral motion that ends in the creation of higher consciousness. It acts by regenerating the whole of humanity according to unseen cosmic laws while slowly guiding the human mind towards expanded levels of consciousness.

Author Joseph Alexander 9/23/14  All rights reserved 

Updated 5/27/2015@ 11/14/2015

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